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  • Does my wall need to be white or primed before you print?
    Nope! Our printers feature patented technology that allows us to print full-color images over dark or completely black walls without manually painting them white. Sometimes, it may be more efficient for us to prep the wall manually, but this is only done to the customer's benefit.
  • How much does a printed mural cost?
    That depends on the nature of your project. Generally, we price our murals based on the distance we have to travel to your location and the size of the print, which affects the amount of time and ink the print will take to complete. Generally our projects cost $15-25 a square foot. According to, hand painted muralists average about $38 per square foot. You can get an exact quote for your project by contacting us!
  • Do you need a flat surface for the vertical printer to move along the wall?
    We offer the world’s leading ultrasonic sensor for wall preview, up to 11cm head justification for wall irregularities-no need for very flat walls. Our wall printers prints high-quality pictures on uneven surfaces such as brick, wood, and many others.
  • How long does it take to print an image?
    It depends on the dimensions and scale of the image to be printed. We can print up to 20 Sq Ft per hour, meaning a 4' x5' image can be printed in an hour.
  • What is the height and width that can be printed?
    When printing outdoors, The maximum image size is about 2.8' less than the total wall Height and has unlimited Width. We can accommodate image heights up to approximately 10 ft without additional equipment, for anything over 10ft; we will need to raise the printer with scaffolding. When printing indoors, the image size depends on the ceiling height, and The Width is limited to the length of the wall. We will discuss this with you during your free, over-the-phone consultation.
  • What materials can the Vertical Printer print on?
    The Complete List: Aluminum Painted Aluminum Painted Aluminum Foil Polypropylene Plastic PVC ABS Plastic Window Blinds Painted Wood Plastic-Based Vinyl Glass Cement Blocks Painted Cinder Block Stucco Papper Drywall Primed Drywall Painted Styrofoam Core Board Canvas Painted Canvas
  • Besides the printing, how long do the setup and breakdown take?
    It takes 20 - 30 minutes to assemble our wall printer. There is no need to tarp off any furniture since there is no overspray, and the paint dries within 2-3 minutes of being applied. The surface being printed on generally doesn't need any major prep. The wall material must be clean to ensure a perfect, long-lasting result. The breakdown and load out of the equipment takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • What image, format, and resolution pictures are required?
    You will get the best print quality with original Vector file formats TIFF, TIF, EPS, PSD, and PSB. While JPGs are not recommended because they are a lossy format, large, digitally created JPG, JPEG, and PNG file types can be printed successfully. The image file type is important when it comes to the quality and scalability of the image.
  • What do you have to do to prepare for an image printed on my wall in my house?
    Preparation for the Wall Printer is quite easy, since the machine has no overspray you won't need to cover any furniture.. Our special UV ink dries In seconds which guarantees no drip or mess.
  • Why is vertical wall printing better than vinyl decals or traditional murals?
    SPEED Quality murals by hand are known for taking days to be applied and finished; our vertical wall printer prints high-resolution images up to 20 Sq. Ft. Per hour with remarkable accuracy, turning that job that takes several days to complete into just a few hours. While hand painting requires substantial setup and tear down, our wall printer requires nearly none. QUALITY Vinyl and wall decals can develop air bubbles which can tear or take away attention from the image. Vinyl and wall decals easily peel up on textured wall material and only can be applied to smooth, sanded-down walls, which take a lot of prep and can create a huge mess when sanding. We practice printing a smaller version of your image in front of you before proceeding to the real thing. This guarantees your image will come out exactly as intended. With hand-painted murals, you aren’t given that same guarantee. Our wall printer prints on any wall type and detects variations in the depth of the wall material, so it doesn’t mess with your final product. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. PRICE Hand-painted murals require tons of prep, effort, and precision, all of which compound into the final price. The average muralist in San Diego charges $32-43 per sq. ft. for these kinds of jobs. With next to no prep work, our vertical wall printer keeps your final cost low. Our printer prints at a Hi Resolution of 1440x 1440 DPI, so precision is already built in at no additional cost to you. Depending on the job type, customers pay between $15-25 per sq ft. DURABILITY Vinyl and wall decals can be placed quickly, but one tear will completely derail your image. They also shrink and fade in direct sunlight. Our images last for 5+ years on outside surfaces and 10+ years on inside surfaces without additional primer or sealant. VERSATILITY We can print indoors, outdoors, and on your doors! Porous materials make painting challenging; here at SD Wall Printing, we don’t have that issue. Any surface, any image, and any size is our motto. While traditional paint will seep into porous materials and eventually fade or discolor, our special UV paint stays on top of the surface and cures in about 1 minute. Heard enough? Click here to get your free estimate.
  • Does the image get printed directly onto the wall surface?
    Yes, the images are printed directly on the wall surface. The UV ink dries/cures as it is printed on the wall, so there is no waiting time for the ink to dry.
  • What are your service areas for Southern California?
    We are the premier provider of vertical wall printing services in the San Diego metro area. From Chula vista to Camp Pendleton, we have you covered! We will consider taking jobs in OC or LA on a case-by-case scenario. We look forward to seeing how many murals we can contribute across SoCal!
  • What type of ink does the printer use?
    Our printer uses a unique and proprietary type of ink that’s both eco-friendly and incredibly tough. The UV Ink is made in the USA, has a low VOC, and meets CDPH standards. It resists scratching and fading due to sun exposure over time because the highly pigmented ink also cures almost immediately.
  • I have a question that's not answered here or I am ready for my free consultation...
    Reach out to us by filling out a contact form by clicking here, or you can call or text us at 858-758-9397. We typically reply within 12- 24 hours. You can also reach out via any social media platform @SDWallPrinting
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