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San Diego's Premier
Vertical Printing Service

Any Surface, Any Image, Any Size

Any Surface, Any Image, Any size

Prints on a variety of wall surface types including PVC, glass, metal, wood and more!

UV Protected Ink

Durable UV ink lasts for years indoors and outdoors.  Dries instantly as it goes on

High Precision 3-D Digital artwork printer

Bright colors selections and prints up to 1440 DPI

Same-Day Printing

The print job only takes minutes/hours versus days

Safe & contactless

We use Non Toxic, Eco-friendly inks 95% VOC Free. Tested for CDPH standards


Surface we work on

glass door.jpeg


Image by Randy Tarampi




Image by Augustine Wong


Image by Andrey Haimin




Image by Itadaki



Core Board

window blinds.jpeg

Window Blinds

Image by Maarten Deckers

Painted wood

red brick.jpeg

Cement Bricks


Unpainted Cinder blocks

And More...

Colorful Wall


Vertical printing is changing the game for premier wall art. Let us show you what true high-definition wall art can do to your space!

Residential Painting

Add a personal touch to your home with high resolution wall art. We've printed family portraits, furry family members, custom sports artwork, all sorts of things! 

Commercial Painting

Elevate your business identity with unique, high-definition branding. Transform your business's personality (and walls) with artwork that will convey who you are as a company to your clientele. 

Other Services

If you have a vision, but no artwork, we work with different designers around the world to bring your ideas to life. We also offer canvas painting, custom artwork design, non-stationary prints, and more.



In just a couple steps, you can have a freshly painted mural in your home or business completed within days...

Step 1 (Design Phase)
Schedule a phone call to discuss your project’s broad details, with follow up meetings for a more detail-oriented review. We can print anything from high resolution images to professionally created designs! We also have skilled artists who can turn your ideas into pristine art if you need something designed. Clients are allowed three edits, free of charge to guarantee perfection.

Step 2 (Paint Phase)
Once the design is finalized we will set a printing date. We test print the image on site on a small scale for your approval before beginning the real print. At a rate of about 20 square feet an hour, the Wall Printer produces beautiful artwork with astonishing speed and mechanical precision.