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100% Image Accuracy With the Wall Printer

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

This technology is brand new to Southern California and SDWallPrinting is delighted to introduce it to you. New technology can bring about hesitation though, why should you pick Wall Printing over traditional painting or vinyl methods? This state-of-the-art technology prints the image as it is, while painting by hand can lead to variations from the original image, like this hunchback panda for example.

The Fastest in the West

With great speed comes great responsibility, we print a test image before every job to ensure 100% quality for our clients. Our wall printers print about 20 square feet per hour at 1550 DPI which is faster and more precise than traditional methods. Our revolutionary software takes the human error out of painting and guarantees that your print will come out exactly as it was intended.

Vinyl may be easy and quick to put up, but it's just as easy to tear and once it's torn or develops an air bubble, it ruins the image. Hiring a painter to paint your mural doesn't guarantee that their painting will come out as intended and will take multiple days at rates of $40+ an hour per person!

The Most Precise in the West

Having your mural hand painted requires lengthy set up and break down times, as well as multiple days which will add up quickly. since painting requires precision. Our Wall Printer prints at a Hi Resolution of 1440x1440 DPI which means precision is already built in at no cost to you. The set up and break down of a Wall Printer requires little effort and since our UV paint dries in 5 minutes, no drips or runs to worry about! If you're interested in seeing our competitive pricing, please head over to the Contact Section of our website

Amy Image. Any Surface. Any Size.

Another added benefit of our UV paint is durability, outside murals are guaranteed to last 5+ years, indoor murals 10+! Whereas with vinyls and decals, they can be placed quickly, but also torn down easily. Traditional paints don't offer the longevity that our UV paint delivers.

Our favorite thing about the Wall Printer is that it can conquer any type of material, especially porous ones. Any image, any surface, any size, thats our motto and we stand by it. Traditional paint will seep into porous materials and eventually fade or discolor, our UV paint dries so quickly that it rests on the top of the surface and cures in about 60 seconds.

SDWallPrinting is thrilled to bring this revolutionary technology to San Diego. Whether you're a home owner or a business owner we can transform the space and bring it alive. Check out the gallery for some of our past work.

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