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Wall Prints: Cheaper than the Competition, Guaranteed!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

We strive to be 100% transparent with our pricing, we don't believe in hidden fees or passing on cost to the client. Costs such as labor, materials, and in 90% of cases transportation are covered. If your project covers the minimum fee, you won't pay a transportation fee.

Muralists usually charge a price per square foot as well as an hourly wage, while we only charge per square foot. According to the total average cost of a hand-painted mural in the greater San Diego area is between $32-$45 a square foot, whereas our average projects cost between $16-$25.

This large gap is due to the time it takes to paint a hand-painted mural, while the Wall Printer process can be completed in hours, due to the Wall Printer's ability to print about 15-20 square feet per hour, The set up and clean up of a hand-painted mural is also tedious, those costs are passed down to the client.

We don't sacrifice quality for speed either, the Wall Printer prints at about 1440 DPI (Dots per Hour) with 100% image accuracy, so the image you tell it to print, is the image you'll get. The Wall Printer takes human error out of the equation, welcome to the future!

If you don't have a design we work with artists to create your perfect image, this is an added cost to the client. This is due to the time it takes to create and perfect the image for our clients, you have 3 free edits to make to ensure you absolutely LOVE your image. If scaffolding rentals are required that would also be an additional charge, but that's only if your mural is taller than about 9 feet.

We are here 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. Check out our past projects for some inspiration!

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